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Low Meridian 03: Menagerie
No manner of loquacity could've articulated the sheer ebullience of the veteran. A chance visit, an old friend, a new prospect, a reacquired weapon – Ofal could not nigh believe what had happened mere hours earlier.
After he had ensorcelled the dulcet caper from his beloved lute, the room turned still. After Rolich's easy introduction, the hosts erupted into jubilant ovation. Ofal ripened red under his filth and bent away from the scrutinizing crowd. Seeing his friend's anticipated awkwardness, Rolich butted in again.
"Skip the formalities! You're among family now, Kamerad. No need to hide, com'on!"
Still speechless, Ofal smiled. "'Is an honor, really."
"Come now," Rolich motioned to his comrade towards the group. "Forleet Leelan," he commenced, open hand held out to a tan, gaunt-legged biped with even slimmer arms.
"Hers were the best klavier-hands in a place called Laleal". She had black, slender knife-like outgrowths that hung from the nape of her forward-leanin
:iconlagunamajor:lagunamajor 2 1
Low Meridian 01: Dull Prospect
Geriatric and but a mere sprinkling upon the Mandalyon populace, the Zalreich is more of a disgruntled collection of intransigent ascetics than the impassioned host it was before. The mal-seasoned ex-soldiers, relegated to what emanates as theatric tomfoolery to most of the mediopolis, are – at best – stomached. Spasm upon spasm of often long-winded tirades would erupt from any one of these remaining Old Mandalyon leaks and would be met optimistically by downcast glances.
"That's right, you newborns! Turn away! 'It's a crock o' bad luck' to look at 'n Old 'Em scoundrel, right? Right? 'Yeah, 'e's a real meanie, don'tcha think, mum?' Elsewhere! Look elsewhere! 'hoy, kid! Com'ere and I'll eatcha!"
Ofal bucked forward, into the opaque mixture of mud and refuse, and plunged, face first, as he tried to reach for the timorous passerby holding her babe's hand. His gut wrenched more of shame than of physical disgust, as he was introduced to the redolent amalgam of actual muck, dec
:iconlagunamajor:lagunamajor 3 30
Emian - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The city of Silvanar was alive and bustling as Emian entered. It was midmorning, the sun bright and warm. She slid gently off Myrise's back to lead her through the thickening crowds. She couldn't remember ever seeing so many people in one place before and it was quite overwhelming. She could feel Mist trailing at her heals, staying close to the horse so as not to get lost.
:You couldn't have chosen a better time to come?: muttered Mist, her question, of course, rhetorical.
:When would you have suggested?: Emian replied with her mind so as not to draw attention to herself.
:Well…first I would have considered a time when there weren't so many people…there are too many people.:
:And if it's always like this?:
:The gods forbid! How could they stand it?: The lupsertha made a sound like a sneeze and shook her self from head to tail as if wet. Emian thought this was the closest thing the wolf-dog could manage to a shudder.
:Let's just fin
:iconsnowraven-moonstar:SnowRaven-Moonstar 1 6
Emian - prologue
Wide eyed, the little girl held to the pommel before her. The scenery around her flashed by as the horse's hooves ate up the distance between her home, now far behind, and the forest, with its deep dark shadows, rushing up before them at frightening speed. A strong arm held her in the saddle, but it didn't make her feel safe. The strange man called himself her father, but she didn't know him. Behind them she could hear the pounding of more flying hooves. Men were chasing them, more strangers, but she knew she wouldn't be safe them. They had burned the wagons, they had done terrible things. She and her mother had been rescued by this strange man, but her mother couldn't go with them. What would this man, who called himself her father, think of her if she began to cry? But oh how she longed to. She bit her lip and held back the sobs that were trying to escape as she travelled ever farther from her home.
It was startling, the way the broad open plain lands abruptly ended, t
:iconsnowraven-moonstar:SnowRaven-Moonstar 3 22
Emian - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Carmaena and Denman stood at the round about watching in silence as Emian finished readying her horse. The early morning light was still cold and pale, almost sickly in its near absence. Emian patted the neck of her horse Myrise and then checked that the pack pony's lead was secured. Emian was sorry Merine would be left behind. The mare had been left to her by her father, but Merine had not been so young then and she was certainly too old now for any sort of long adventures. Myrise was a good horse though. She was the daughter of old Merine and her coat seemed even glossier and deeper black than her dam. She was intelligent and strong, fathered by a retired war horse. She was well trained to protect her rider. Really, she was only a little too gentle and a little too fleet to be called a war horse herself. A little stronger and a litter sharper with her teeth and she wouldn't have been Emian's. She finally decided all was in order and turned to face her guardians.
"I wish you
:iconsnowraven-moonstar:SnowRaven-Moonstar 2 2
Low Meridian 04: Awareness
Mercury forged on through Mandalyon airspace thunderously. Inside, a hush tenor filled the spaces instead.
Staring at the cage – the metal canopy, precisely – he was fortuitously enclosed in was the only activity Ofal had engaged in since he entered quarters. He tried to sleep and reminisce, but the fantasies nor the siesta would not humor him. Instead, a voice in his head started talking.
"'E're young again, ainnit? The final dirge seems so far away."
Pandering to the call, Ofal replies. "Yea', it does feel ex'ilaratin'. The lute! I 'ave it back, ye know."
"Course I do. An' it feels slick as the first time, too."
"New beginnings, me friend?"
"Right'cha are!"
"Rolich's been mighty good. We'll be awesum' livin' 'ere."
"Ah, know I will. The lute! Not that I dun' appreciate the band an' all. D'ya think 'ey'd play well with me old lark?"
"Not a crew more sundry 'an that, I do b'lieve. Ya better be yer best, old fool."
"Fools 'ave it great in the end, right?"
"Dun' count on it, friend. Mand
:iconlagunamajor:lagunamajor 2 14
Low Meridian 02: Of Lost Toys
Zalreich technologists never sought to amalgamate finesse with sheer intensity in their handiwork. It was an amaranthine rhythm of build-and-then-build-harder, with no room for minutia and technicality. Crudeness doesn't always amount to ineffectuality. Ofal knew that like the beating of his heart. As far as he was concerned, in the little abode he had made for himself in Prospect, he deeply wished that the Numerous were a little subtler.
The cylindrical Startrain, basking in the silvery light of its floodbeacons, stamped down on the open junction. These hulking vessels were the Zalreich's fast and effective workhorses, careening through any medium without so much as an obstacle that could whittle its impetus down. The small matters of drag and friction are skirted as the exciters jacketing its exterior shell galvanize whatever energy flux surrounds the vehicle, creating the semblance of zero-G. It impels itself in a unidirectional manner by altering the balance of the in
:iconlagunamajor:lagunamajor 3 8
Emian - Chapter 1
Chapter 1
She had lived so long at Summer Grove that it felt like home to her. Even when she went to visit her mother, she was always happy to return. Her mother had refused to join her, though the mistress of the estate, Carmaena Baerlion had offered many times.
Her fifteenth birthday had come and gone a week past and as an adult, so declared by both Carmaena and Denman and the letter her father had left for her, she'd made the decision she'd been long in considering.
:So…you really do mean to leave.:
"I said I do. Why would I say that if I didn't mean it?" She stuffed more cloths into one of the various leather packs strewn around the room. She passed her mirror, caught a glimpse of her reflection from the corner of her eye and paused. She faced the mirror and studied her reflection. Emian had inherited looks from bother parents. Her hair was the deep raven black of her mother's, but was thick and soft like her fathers and hat a subtle wave to it. She had her mother's smooth f
:iconsnowraven-moonstar:SnowRaven-Moonstar 2 4
Breathe by andaria Breathe :iconandaria:andaria 243 321
The Stench of Plaster of Paris
Rows of eyes staring
In the sunny waiting room.
Scrutinising what you have and
Mourning over what they have
Lost or never had.
The doctor comes in and
Ushers him into the dark hall
As I wait in foot tapping agony.
The woman passes on a wheelchair,
Both legs gone.
She lowers her eyes towards my feet.
It is painted in lacquer and coated in stars.
I lower my eyes towards
The pasty linoleum floor.
She passes me by.
I suspect a hidden envy that
Lies behind acceptance.
The doctor comes back,
Obviously distressed.
"He won't stop crying,
Come in and see if
You can lend a hand."
I enter. My little friend cries in
The doctor's workshop,
Clutching the tiny stump
Upon his delicate arm.
But after a full five minutes
Of soothing consolations
He cautiously dips his stump
Into the cold mushy plaster.
And that was it for today.
I, the oddity amongst the rest.
Physically complete,
But certainly not mentally –
Never so.
I turn and flee away from
The place where I
Do not belong.
From the shelves of lone a
:icontheanswertolife:theanswertolife 1 16
Calm before storm.. by closer-to-heaven Calm before storm.. :iconcloser-to-heaven:closer-to-heaven 1,583 467 CAILLEACH BHEUR by andaria CAILLEACH BHEUR :iconandaria:andaria 210 225 Curious by andaria Curious :iconandaria:andaria 128 171 COUPLE 2 by BoOmYkAkIs COUPLE 2 :iconboomykakis:BoOmYkAkIs 5 12


This is not logical. (Which is why I will search for the flaw, and you will remain a lover of word sounds.) And if I have to make one t...



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